Dead Man’s Fingers, Sea Sac

Halosaccion glandiforme

Color: Red, Brown, Green (Dark Purple-Red to Golden Brown to Yellow-Green)  
Shape: Pod-like 
Texture: Smooth
Size: Up to 8”
Zone: Intertidal
Range: Alaska to California

Description: These elongated, pod-shaped sacs are filled with seawater with a bubble of gas trapped at the top. Clusters grow on rocks, secured by a small disc-shaped holdfasts. 

Edibility: Edible

Distinctive characteristics: If you squeeze them, they will squirt water. However, the water is needed for the seaweed to survive when the tide is out. 

Collection notes: 

Phylum: Rhodophyta (Red Algae)
Previous names: Ulva glandiformis
Similar species:

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