Red Cellophane

Porphyra cuneiformis 

Color: Red
Shape: Sheet
Texture: Smooth (Silky)
Size: Up to 6”+
Zone: Intertidal to Subtidal
Range: Alaska to California

Description: Similar to Nori, this seaweed is sheet-like with a tiny holdfast. It may appear ruffly and grow in clusters. It is very thin and the texture is smooth and silky.

Edibility: Edible

Distinctive characteristics: 

Collection notes: 

Phylum: Rhodophyta (Red Algae)
Previous names: Porphyra miniata forma cuneiformisPorphyra miniata var. cuneiformis

Similar species: Porphyra abyssicola, Porphyra amplissima, Porphyra miniata, Porphyra tenuissima, Porphyra perforata, Porphyra abbottae

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