Wakame, Strap Kelp, Winged Kelp, Honey Ware

Alaria marginata

Color: Brown (Carmel to Olive Green)
Shape: Blade
Texture: Smooth
Size: 2’–6’+
Zone: Low intertidal to subtidal
Range: Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California

Description: Large, thin blade with flat midrib, May be torn on edges or ends or appear ruffly. Stipe up to 24” long, often with groups of leaf-like sophorophls on each side (“wings”). Branched, root-like holdfast. 

Edibility: Delicious! Great in miso and other soups. Use as a vegetable. High in calcium and other vitamins and minerals. 

Distinctive characteristics: Center rib. “Wings” (groups of leaf-like sophorophls on each side of the stipe.) One of many Alaria species that look similar. All are edible.

Collection notes: Use scissors to cut off upper part of blade. Leave the leafy “wings” as these are the reproductive parts of the seaweed that will produce next years’ seaweed.

Phylum: Phaeophyta (Brown Algae)
Previous names:
Similar species: Other Alaria species, Laminaria species

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